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Image by Solen Feyissa

These tales are constructed with metaphysical elements and meshed with dark humor but always land in a sense of reality.

Below you will find samples of my recent projects.

To The Screen 

Wolf Bigby, also known as The Town Detective, gets suspended by the love of his life, Mayor Snow. 

Land of The Forest

A young girl escapes her kingdom after her parents are killed. Trekking through the mystical forest for days, she finally stumbles upon an abandoned campsite where a hunk of meat is roasting. Starving, she begins to devour it but is shortly stopped by an Elf who comes not to accuse her of theft but to warn her of something far more sinister. 

A young man spreading The Word of God envisions his true destiny of becoming a Drag Queen after hitting a bong. 

Lomography - Jake Wangner_ Analogue Abstraction with Light.jpg

In the early hours of a New Year, a stranger lights Allison’s cigarette at a party and accompanies her on an interesting walk home, where they find her front door mysteriously wide open.


An old woman ventures into the forest, searching for lost memories.

Two rebellious teenagers become prey on a Tropical Island at Church Camp. The Predators: Their Parents.

In 1998, two down-on-their-luck actresses moonlight at a restaurant in Hollywood. Accidentally becoming entangled in a web of assassinations and espionage, they must try to balance their personal lives and careers.

A girl is hunting for the perfect outfit. After finding a magical hat, she may just gain the self-confidence to discover herself. 

On the edge of love, a girl experiences a life-altering season. 

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